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Smart EMS Full Body Muscle Trainer

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Customer Reviews

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It is very easy to use, so far I can see a difference in my stomach and ABS area been using it since a week now and love it. A great way to get a workout while busy with other activity in work place used it everyday and you will see results.I think its a decent price, as I've seen other ones on the market, but rarely found one with 3 devices to use simultaneously that can be used on several body parts and we can charge 3 device togeather with 3-in-1 cable included in pack. I would recommend it to anyone who wants down their body and get the muscles worked. It has custom cable which will charge all three devices at once.


I think it should work. My first impression was OMG, my abs was shaking like hell without my control (Note: one way to loose unwanted fat is keeping the muscle moving). I will keep use this stimulator till I get 6 packs

- Super easy to use
- 6 Different set of exercises. I usually start with mode 1 then 2 and ended with exercise #3.
- This simulator has many intensity level. Initially, I couldn't take handle the highest level, but now I'm getting used to it. I love it now.
- Come with a customized USB cable to charge all 3 devices at one time.


I am using this muscle toner from few days and I see positive result. It tone my muscle and help in removing fat from my belly but you need to control you diet intake as well . It comes with three set , one for abdominal and other two we can use on other part of body like leg or hand. It have multiple mode to work on. Charging is pretty easy and I can charge all three with single cable. Extra get pad has been provided for future use as well.


Received, everything works. no batteries included, need 2 pcs little finger aaa for each control panel. velcro hold well.


shows up my husband is all excited saying he loves his gift...i was like dude it’s not for you. Needless to say we have both been using it and LOVE it. For now i prefer a 4-5. It’s so easy to use. I pop it on and do dishes or fold clothes all while working my abs. It feels kind of funny the higher you get up so I can comfortable do the 5 for now. I know as I get stronger I’ll be able to go higher. My husband likes to use it on 9. You can feel it working and even the next day your body feels like you did a good workout. It’s a great addition to workout routine to help whip you into shape a bit faster.